Modern clinic architectural design


  • Ahmad Tayeb Nadim TerSU


Modern Clinic, Architectural design, Clinic Inputs


Health clinics are among the places where their architecture has a significant impact on the spirit of the clients and their inappropriate design can, in addition to the health of the clients, endanger the health of nature and the environment. Its negative effects put the lives of humans and other creatures on the planet at risk. Therefore, relying on naturalistic architecture to find suitable solutions for reconnecting humans and nature and solving this problem is suggested, because naturalistic architecture as a successful approach in design provides a reconnection between humans and nature. The purpose of this study is to design a sustainable environment with therapeutic performance and a naturalist architectural approach that is compatible with nature and is intended as a place for achieving people's mental, mental and physical peace. To nature, paying attention to the context and context of the coexistence of the complex with nature, reducing pollution and preserving its resources is effective.


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