The role of kindergarten architectural design in increasing the creativity of children


  • Hamayon Hamraz TerSU


Kindergarten design, Architectural design, Room standard design, Child room size, Color


The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of kindergarten design in increasing creativity of 3-6 year old children in district 3 of Afghanistan. For this reason, Some features of the architectural system and its role in increasing children's creativity have been investigated. Studies have shown that the kindergarten space can be designed in such a way that the child's motivation is enhanced, the power of imagination and curiosity can be enhanced and, It fosters the child's creativity. The study of children's cognitive factors was carried out by attitude test of child educators. The sampling method was random cluster sampling and the sample size was 90 people. And a researcher-made questionnaire has been used, and the factors affecting children's creativity have been extracted by factor analysis and based on analysis, a model A line has been designed. Then, the relationship and the effect of factors on each other were obtained by path analysis method. The findings show that stimulating the natural environment has a positive and significant effect on the three factors of exploring, participation game and daydreaming. The effect of design flexibility in kindergarten space on children's curiosity and daydreaming is positive and significant. Architectural ideas for designing kindergarten spaces  to enhance children's motivation and creativity, including: variability of space and its implementation, interference of spaces Open and closed, variability and regeneration of natural stimulant elements such as light, water and plants are effective in increasing children's creativity.


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