Wireless traffic light controller


  • Alisher Shakirovich Ismailov Andijan Machine Building Institute
  • Nilufar Abdurakhmonova Tashkent State University of Uzbek Language and Literature named after Alisher Navoi
  • Gayrat Orifjanovich Tojiboyev Andijan State University


esp8266, DC current, wireless, microcontroller


The increasing numbers of transportations are forcing to build new roads and traffic lights. Traditional traffic light implementation cost a lot of money. Traditional traffic light implementation contains the all four traffic lights must connect to traffic light control by wire [5]. And in some cases those connecting wire come through ditches which will cost extra spending. Another issue with traditional traffic light controller is it works with 220 voltages AC current which life threatening to human. Based on those issues, this paper proposes two main goals for modern traffic light controller. The development of traffic light that works wireless connection and traffic light work on DC current 24 voltages. In order to achieve this traffic light controller we use esp8266 microcontroller which it has wireless signal on up to 300 meter radius.


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