Innovation in training of foreign languages


  • Muhayyo Khujamova Navoi region, Nurata town, School №27


English lessons, secondary school, experimental work, teaching


This article describing the tools and methods used to develop the skills, competencies of secondary school pupils in English classes. It`s practical significans is that the developed rules and methodological recommendations will be the basis for the development of curricular,programs and textbooks based on the increase of cognitive activity of secondary school pupils in English lessons the development of the speech .The from and content of the proposed measures as well as the appropiateness of the methods of their implemen tation were confirmed in the experimental work. This article is about process of teaching and using innovation in English lessons at schools.


Lyxovitskiy M.B High school. Methods of teachind foreign languages in secondary schools.

Jalolov J.J .The methodology of teaching foreign language.




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