The Chebyshev polynomials of the first kind Tn(x)


  • Sadoqat Bekmetova UrSU
  • Begzod Fayzullayev UrSU
  • Islombek Ismailov UrSU


Chebyshev polynomials, real polynomial function, quadratic polynomials


Reforms in the field of education in the country today require the creation of modern teaching methods, guidelines, manuals for students, especially to identify talented students, to involve them in research in certain areas of science. By fulfilling these requirements, this article will help students develop the ability to independently observe and develop creative thinking skills. The article is devoted to the problems of algebra solved by classical methods, is intended for students of the mathematical faculty of higher educational institutions and is useful in preparing students of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics for mathematical Olympiads.


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