The effects of orange Citrus reticulata extracts towards vertigoand dizziness of EEGAFI Students


  • Christine Joyce M. Turno
  • Hobert S. Piala
  • Mark Miñoza
  • Vince Milan
  • Zeta Jane Carido
  • Anna Mae F. Coldiros
  • Jelian Suarez


Dizziness, Vertigo, ORANGE Citrus reticulata Extract, EEGAFI Students, Effects


Dizziness and imbalance are common conditions affecting people of all ages in different walks of life, particularly the students. This study was performed to describe and determine the potential effect of orange peel on dizziness or vertigo towards the students in EEGAFI. The researchers will require a field to conduct a sort of semi- experiment but not performed in clinical sphere of producing the finished extract of Citrus reticulata. The researchers have chosen the students of ECT Excellencia Global Academy Foundation, Inc. (EEGAFI) in a targeted sample of the population. Since the location where this survey was held provided “hybrid blended learning,” the research team also used notes and questionnaires via Google Forms, and some respondents found it convenient to respond in their own homes, making it simple for them to assume responsibility as respondents in this research study. In total, 11 students from various strands of the EEGAFI in grades 11 and 12 who had previously experienced vertigo or dizziness participated in this study. There were 11 STEM a (bravery), 11 STEM B (perseverance), and 12 UNITY (Graph 1). The result of the study found out that Citrus reticulata had a statistically significant effect on the study participants’ dizziness and vertigo experiences. It is imperative to maintain the physical fitness of EEGAFI students. The results suggest that dizziness and vertigo have a real impact on a student’s ability to develop and improve their activities and academic performance. Students who experience the pain and distractions of dizziness will likely experience negative emotions, burdens, and tension that cause terrible results in class. Due to their inability to properly comprehend their ideas and original works, they will probably also get a lesser grade.


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