Health and a healthy lifestyle


  • Mekhriban Rayimberganovna Abdullayeva Urganch State University
  • Aziza Ismailova Urganch city, School №14


The concept of health and a healthy lifestyle, the role of the nurse in the formation of a healthy lifestyle


This article provides information on health and a healthy lifestyle, which is one of the most topical issues, and partially solves the existing problems. According to the Charter of theWorld Health Organization, health is a state of physical,mental and social well-being. Therefore, health is a blessing for everyone, happiness isa necessary condition for increasing labor productivity, the economic power of the country and the well-being of the people. Sanology is the study of health and teachesabout public health, health responsibilities, and how to accomplish them. The diversityof factors that affect or pose a threat to public health is determined by theirsimultaneous impact.


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