Expanding vocabulary comprehension in learning integration skills at English classes


  • Shahnoza Aripovna Rustamova Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages
  • Ozoda Jamshid qizi Bahodirova Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages


comprehend, enhance vocabulary, acquire the definitions, communicate successfully, growing vocabulary, autonomous learning


In this article, you will be aware of some advice, useful tips and suggestions that will assist you increase your vocabulary and develop your integration abilities. Some people think It is crucial to have a large vocabulary when speaking in public, reading a book, writing essays, articles, and even novels, as well as when listening to other native speakers because we need to comprehend their language. If we understand their words of speech, then we can express our views for them, explaining our points through magical words is signed a significant role when we have various ideas to speak but not enough vocabulary to explicit them out. As a result, the majority of people look for the secret to memorizing different words in order to increase their vocabulary pool.


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