Study of occupational stress in employees of medical and preventive institutions


  • M.T. Nasretdinova Samarkand State Medical University
  • N.A. Normuradov Samarkand State Medical University


stress, burnout, medical professionals


Introduction: The contemporary work place creates a challenge towards physicians and their teams. They are forced into a situation, in which to be competitive they must have skills outside of their medical specialty, such as health management, pedagogy, information and communication technologies. Aim: To analyze the level of stress and burn-out among the medical employees in the hospital care. Materials and methods: An adapted 55 question questionnaire were used and analyzed with One-way ANOVA, Correlation and multiple regression analysis in SPSS. Results and discussion: Despite the physicians and their teams reporting high levels of workload and stress, the satisfaction from work hasn’t diminished and the evaluation for the quality of provided work is still high. Additional research into the topic is required with focus on comparison between hospital physicians and primary care physicians.


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