Pedagogy in sport: a qualitative study based on coach interviews and observations


  • Ildar Kolesyanov National Gymnastics Federation
  • Asya Kolesyanova Veritas University College


sport pedagogy, coach interviews, observations, Malaysia National rhythmic gymnastics team, coaching methods, athlete development


This qualitative study delves into the realm of sport pedagogy through in-depth coach interviews and observations, focusing on the context of the Malaysia National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. Conducted between 2021 and 2022, the research engaged 25 coaches to explore the multifaceted dimensions of pedagogy in the sporting environment. The study contributes to the understanding of effective coaching methods, pedagogical approaches, and their impact on athlete development. Through a rich analysis of firsthand accounts from coaches and direct observations, this research sheds light on the nuances of pedagogical strategies, highlighting both challenges and successes. By delving into the intricacies of coaching within the unique context of rhythmic gymnastics, this study provides valuable insights into the application of pedagogical principles in sports training.


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