Immunological reactivity in children with chronic bronchitis


  • Shukhrat Abdurasulovich Yusupov Samarkand State Medical University
  • Azamat Mukhitdinovich Shamsiev Samarkand State Medical University
  • Xojimuhammad Xabibulloyevich Abbasov Samarkand State Medical University
  • Abduqodir Kamalbayevich Shaxriyev Samarkand State Medical University


immune status, chronic bronchitis, children


Changes in the system of not only in cell, but also in humoral immunity have been noted in children with chronic bronchitis which are going to have one-directed immunological shifts characterizing T-cell immunodeficiency. The reliably decreased amount of leucocytes have determined in children with chronic bronchitis in the period of the disease exacerbation. Such indexes as relative and absolute amount of leucocytes have reliably decreased in the comparison with normal parameters. One of the basic indexes of the humoral immunity is immunoglobulins of the blood urea. Including in the chain of the immunologic reactions immunoglobulins have been played a significant role in the pathogenesis of chronic bronchitis. Aim of investigation was the assessment of the condition of the immune status of children with chronic bronchitis. From the point of humoral immunity in children with chronic bronchitis it has been noted significant hypoglobuliemia, extremely increasing of IgM level in the comparison with the practically healthy children, the levels of IgA and IgG have increased mostly in the group of children of the preschool age.


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